Berklee College Of Music Alumni, Margo Macero, has been known to deliver bone-chilling performances with aggresive guitar solos and power house vocals of pure soul. Her undying passion and professional integrity from her performances has been described and also reviewed by many as memorable and remarkable. Today she leads her career by the name of "Macero" in a campaign to ressurect the Macero legacy. 


     Her motivation is to continue the legacy and music of her uncle, Teo Macero, a producer and jazz icon for Columbia Records. Although Margo is a completely different artist at whole, she shares the same passion and motviation for music. Behind the glass, Margo Macero has co-written with well- known pianist, Bobby Fats Howard from “Fatback.” Creating hip and haunting musical notions from “Colors In The Sky,” “You Are The One,” “Dream On Boulevard,” “It Is What It Is” and “Make Believe.” The energy and uncompromising determination of Margo has been characterized as boundless, exhibiting no signs of slowing down.

Photo by The Post Star 📷